Joanne Love

For over 30 years Joanne Love’s coaching methods have influenced Australia’s leading athletes, coaches, and teams.

“I love to see everyone perform at their best. Unfortunately, many people are held back by leaders who don’t know how to inspire the people they lead. Today’s young people aren’t lazy! They just need to be engaged.”


Joanne Love has been an elite swimming coach for many years, being included on many State, National and International teams. Joanne has represented Australia at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics as a swimming coach and has also coached a number of Olympic Medallists and World Record Holders. Joanne holds a degree in psychology and currently works with elite sporting organisations imparting a wealth of information on how psychology and neuroscience can create successful outcomes.


Joanne has been featured in and contributed to numerous publications, incorporating both psychology, leadership and coaching, while also being featured as a regular guest speaker at conferences, schools and sporting organisations. Joanne also acts as a mentor to other elite sporting coaches, working with them to incorporate psychological skills in their training programs.


Where it all began:

Joanne moved into performance psychology, when she met a point in her career where she couldn't help one of her athletes. This athlete had been training fantastically on the lead up to an important championship swimming event. He was ranked quite highly, his taper had gone to perfection, but five days prior to the event, he began to question his performances in training. 


The day finally came to the big race and as he walked out on pool deck, he said to Joanne, "The water is too blue, I don't think I can swim." He got up to race and swam well below his personal best. This devastated both Joanne and the athete as all signs pointed to him making an International team. 


Joanne was completely stunned at this point, as she did all she possibly could to help him and this one experience pushed her into wanting to learn, learning more about psychology, learning about the key stakeholders in an athletes career and learning about all the other influences that can affect both athlete and coach.


Qualifications and Affiliations:

  • Bachelor of Psychology and Business Management, Monash University (2013)
  • Certificate IV: Training & Assessment (2014) and Speakership Course (2014)
  • Master of Marketing, Monash University (2015)
  • Member of Swimming Australia, Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association, elite level coaching
  • Gold License Swim Coach
  • Director, Learn to Swim Victoria (since 1993)



  • Swimming Victoria
  • Swimming Australia
  • English Athletics
  • Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association
  • Many other local sporting clubs and schools.



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