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Joanne Love has been published in leading athletics and swimming publications, and has published an e-book on helping parents support their children through their first swimming lessons. Recently, Joanne has now authored two books focusing on athlete development and coaching development. 


Headgames (2016) Order your copy here>


Headgames is directed at aspiring athletes who need to develop the skills to cope when it comes to "Defeating The Competitors In Their Head." Using Joanne's background in psychology and her wealth of experience in the sporting industry, the book addresses how to ultimately win the "Headgames." It teaches athletes:

  • Establish the correct mindset
  • How to improve their self-confidence
  • How to manage their anxiety caused by pressure


Headgames reminds athletes that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation. 


Champions are Made When the Stands are Empty (2015) Order your copy here>


Champions are Made When the Stands are Empty helps coaches develop the skills needed to propel athletes to perform to the best of their ability. Using the principles of sports psychology, this book addresses:

  • Forging better relationships with your athletes
  • Engaging Generation Y & Z athletes
  • Performance problem-solving
  • Helping athletes form a healthy belief system
  • Building effective relationships with parents


Champions are Made When the Stands are Empty gives you workable examples to strengthen your management and influence as a coach, and to create long-lasting change.


Dive in Head First (2013) 


Increase your bond with your child as they start their first swimming lessons, and help them cope with the inevitable fears and struggles that occur along the way.  


This guide outlines various strategies in great detail, making it more than just an e-book, but a manual on child development. Enrolling children in swim lessons early gives children life-lasting skills, and at the same time teaches parents valuable skills that can be used in all facets of the parenting process.


“Dive in Head First emphasizes swimming as a way to help children become resourceful, emotionally well-rounded, and to understand the balance of responsibility and independence that comes from water activity participation. It is a must-have parent guide to understand fear and anxiety associated with water safety.” – Susan P., School Psychologist 


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