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Women are making great in-roads in the sporting industry, but the sad truth is that working in an all-male environment is not as easy as it seems. For some of these women learning to fit in or to play a different game, would be a lot easier if there was someone to guide them through this journey. Someone, who knows through experience how to handle the many different challenges that working in a male dominated environment generate. The best person for this job is the women who has been there before or occupied a similar position. One who has open the doors for the women coming behind them, allowing them to flourish and blossom, off the back of their hard work.


What we do know is that women increase their chances of succeeding in business when they have mentors to provide real-life examples. The good news is that the benefits flow both ways, let me give you two examples: -


Confidence improves Performance


Mentee: Your results serve as inspiration to other women, through your support and help, they then develop the confidence needed to move to the next level, and their desired success.


Mentor: When we really connect with people and care for them as a whole person we reduce our own stress levels and build resilience. When you have a clearer understanding of issues arising in other women’s live, we able to put our personal challenges into a better perspective, and react more appropriately. Leading to better personal well-being and ultimately, better performance.


One of the world’s best female surfers, Layne Beachley, is now helping women achieve their dreams through mentorship. She is keen to give back, as she acknowledges “In my life there were times I lacked self-belief so I had to surround myself with mentors and experts who had what I wanted and were willing to share that information with me”. She now tells young women “you can and you will!” In 2015, Layne was recognised for her outstanding achievements and inspirational work when she was awarded with an Officer of the Order of Australia for her distinguished service to the community.


Emotional Awareness and Positivity


Mentee: Increased personal learning which is beyond the expected cognitive skills but into the deeper emotional learning. This new found understanding and knowledge makes a big difference coping with the male-dominated workplace.


Mentor: Being able to reflect on the help you are able to give others, teaches both self-awareness and improves our positivity. This newly developed awareness helps to take your personal empowerment to another level.

Jillian Manus, a venture capitalist and inspiring start-up mentor for female founders has been helping women reach their full potential for many years. She believes through her work she has learnt to be fair more truthful and honest with herself, helping to take her career to another level.


“Together We Can”


The efforts shown by Layne Beachley, and Jillian Manus, are two of the many examples being taken by women to help other women. This form of mentorship promotes both parties prospects of future career success. If women can help other women, change will occur so much faster, including bridging the gender gap we face in today’s society.






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Joanne Love is known internationally for delivering thinking that is "out of the box." As an elite swimming coach, Joanne has experienced first hand what it's like to be one of the few females in a male dominated environment. Joanne has represented Australia at the highest level, including inclusion on the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Teams. These experiences led Joanne into obtaining a degree in psychology and now works with differing sporting organisations to maximise performance at all levels.


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