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Promoting one woman can help so many more!

“We should always have three friends in our lives-one who walks ahead who we look up to and follow; one who walks beside us, who is with us every step of our journey; and then, one who we reach back for and bring along after we've cleared the way.”

― Michelle Obama


We certainly have some remarkable women and indeed some men working to advance our equality in the workplace.  During her time as America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama spent a lot of her time speaking up and empowering women. She challenged people to question the preconceived stereotypes and biases that currently exist. She talked about “encouraging your daughter to sign up for the football team…and if there isn’t a football team for girls, then maybe it means asking why not?” She was focused on levelling the playing field, in all areas of life.


There is now a sense of urgency around women and their roles in the workplace. We know that women should have equality in all areas of society, including feeling comfortable in the environments they work in. Women are now finding a voice, as we are currently seeing throughout media reports and our interactions in the workplace. No longer do women want to experience pressure or feel misunderstood, undervalued or just left out just because of stereotypical views, or cognitive biases.


For many women and young girls, Michelle Obama has become a role model, leading with empathy, intelligence and inspiration. Women like Michelle have worked hard to break long standing barriers, helping to improve gender equality, …


...but we need more of them.


Of late, discussion has centred on the workplace pay gap, but there is also the issue of promotion.  A recent study, which was undertaken in Norway, analysed data going back to the 1990’s found that women were 52 percent less likely than men to be promoted. This study allowed for variables, such as tenure, education, and children.  And just so you understand the relevance of this data, Norway is at the frontier of gender equality in business.


This study acknowledged that if we promote just one woman, it can help so many more.


They found a “spill-over” benefit, with more women being promoted when there was increased female leadership. They attributed this to the visibility of more female mentors, and role models.


However, we need to get women to the top first, and therein lies another hurdle. Some of the behaviours that underpin this predicament, and that ultimately, will help women advance include women needing to:  

  • Increase our awareness of the triggers may impact our confidence.
  • Learn to interpret and understand the communication styles that are different to each gender.
  • Live our dreams by developing the courage to take action and move forward.


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Lastly, and most importantly we need to grow a sisterhood that will support and inspire the many generations of women that will follow.  By promoting and supporting every women’s success regardless of its size. 


Name a woman you would like to recognise today? Would love to hear your thoughts.





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