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Heformance: Creating Confident Impactful Women

Does your confidence fail when you need it the most?

Are self-doubts impacting your performance and potential?

Do you want to change your thinking for greater success?


Believing in yourself is only part of the journey to reach your potential and create better performance outcomes.


HERFORMANCE is your personal guide to success, with simple and easy to read solutions. This book will enable you to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities to make a difference in your life. 



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Heformance Membership


Keep connected with like-minded women in leadership roles, grow and inspire each other for $59 per year (under $5 p/mth)


What you will receive:

  • Access to discounted or free development opportunities, specifically tailored to women
  • Be first to hear about the opportunities, giving you VIP access where numbers are limited
  • Opportunities to meet connect and learn with women who face similar challenges without 'networking'
  • Become part of a private LinkedIn Group, where you can share successes, lessons learned, ask questions while supporting and empowering each other
  • Access to carefully selected relevant resources, tools and research. Monthly reflections on key themes, insights stories and past/future events.


It will allow you to design your own development from a range of topics such as:

  • Building your confidence
  • Perfecting communication
  • How neuroscience can affect performance
  • Developing your negotiation skills
  • Learning how to manage conflict
  • How to use empathy correctly

Keeping women In leadership connected with like-minded women, to create stronger and more impactful leaders to inspire our future generations.


Find out more about Herformance here.




Champions Are Made
When The Stands Are Empty

How often do athletes flounder for too long in programs which don’t return results leaving everybody frustrated? 

How many truly talented individuals have strayed from sport because of these frustrations?

Coaches always hope that their athletes develop to their highest potential, both in competition and personally.  After all the dedicated preparation and years of experience, it can still feel like success is a random outcome – controlled by circumstances outside of the competition arena.  Champions are Made When the Stands Are Empty,  will help you  to reduce or build on these random outcomes.


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This book is about arming coaches with simple, tested tools which will allow them to regain control to achieve the highest performance.   By focusing on the athlete holistically, both physically and psychologically, Joanne’s approach can increase the likelihood that each person can reach their own potential.



"Champions Are Made When The Stands Are Empty" is also available for purchase via Kindle.


HeadGames - Defeat the competitors in your head!

SAFE front


Do nerves hurt your competition performance?
Does your confidence fail you when you need it most?

Athletes need to be able to cope with pressure! 

This book is for athletes 13 to 21 yrs who need to cope with performance pressure.

Winning the HEADGAMES – did you know that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation?


Many athletes are quick to blame the mental aspects on poor performance, but few know how to make those necessary changes. This book will teach you how to have the mind of a winner. You will learn about mindset, how to improve your self-confidence, and manage anxiety caused by pressure.





My new book, Herformance, is out now. Buy your copy here.






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