Joanne Love

Speaker Joanne Love presents on the issues of leadership and how to engage staff and schools to succeed.

From speaking in educational environments to presenting at large commercial organisations and conferences, Joanne builds rapport and imparts information in an engaging manner in large and small group settings.



Joanne speaks with parent groups on the differing roles of educators and parents, and what works best for their children. Teacher feedback has demonstrated how with Joanne’s inspiration, there is less pressure in the teaching environment, and their students are more relaxed. Contact Joanne to speak at your school or club >


Corporate and retail

Joanne’s professional presentations empower listeners with the skills needed for outstanding staff performance, to enable staff to shine both at work and at home. She helps managers and teams understand why things happen, and more importantly, how to act and react to those issues. Contact Joanne to speak at your workplace >


Joanne delivers presentations over four times a month on leadership and parenting:



  • Building great relationships
  • Influence
  • Prepare to win



  • The other side of teaching
  • Making your child resilient
  • Teaching your child a ‘growth mindset’



Joanne has developed a range of workshops for both business and sporting organisations. These workshops can be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation. Click on the workshop title below if you are interested in finding out more.


Contact speaker Joanne Love on 0414 499 437 to book your leadership presentation.



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