Joanne Love

"Overall it was a great experience. The stories and how these tied into the message you were sending were very influential."

Workshop Participant, Engineering Success, Sydney, 2018

"The workshop encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, which I personally found very rewarding"

Workshop Participant, Engineering Success, 2018

"Joanne thank you so much for delivering your workshop to our Coaches. The areas you addressed were helpful to the audience and will help to take their coaching to the next level. England Athletics would be more than happy to recommend you to others in the coaching/sporting profession. "

Jane F., British Athletics, 2017

"...thoughtfully prepared and delivered...some great advice and tips I had not heard before...I admire your support for women in sport."

Anonymous, 2017

"...good practical suggestions for me as a coach, manager and parent...thank you!"

S. Townsend, Presenter, 2017

"Victorian Coaches have had the privilege of Joanne Love presenting this past year. Swimming Victoria’s Coach Development Pathway program has engaged Joanne to work with coaches to assist in ensuring that they are exposed to worlds best practice.  The areas Joanne addresses what myself and the Victorian Coaches require to take our coaching to the next level. Happy to recommend Joanne to others in the coaching profession."

Rohan Taylor, State Head Coach, Swimming Australia, 2017

"I heard Joanne speak at the NCDP workshop in Birmingham UK last month. I’ve already started to put some of her ideas into practice...some great articles on her feed too. Keep them coming!"

Masimba, M., English Athletics Coach, 2016

"… strong business acumen is evident in every project she undertakes … clear thinking and measured responses … deals with difficult situations with ease, delivering good outcomes … has a talent for motivating and helping others to obtain clarity …"

Susan S., Air Services Australia, 2014

" … everything you covered was spot-on … very informative … inspired me to want to coach more …"

Matt Bardoel, 2014

"Joanne Love’s exceptional book explores water safety skills and the importance of introducing swimming skills to children at an early age. Dive in Head First emphasizes swimming as a way to help children become resourceful, emotionally well rounded and understand the balance of responsibility and independence that comes from water activity participation. Dive in Head First is a must-have parent guide to understand fear and anxiety associated with water safety."

Susan P.  School Psychologist & Parent of Twin Teenage Swimmers



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