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Women Can Ignite A Better World

“Trump is a 'pyromaniac'” reads today’s news headlines, and he could “ignite the whole region in his madness.” 


Essentially, Trump and his administration have gone all out, all guns blazing, only adding to the Israel and Palestine tension, rather than attempting to be part of a potential solution.


Perfectly, demonstrating another major difference between men and women when it comes to helping to solve first world problems.


Women are more disposed to and desire to live a happy and successful life. Woman are social creatures, with the main purpose of our communication to build relationships and rapport.


It is through these conversations that we understand and manage the world around us. Building through stronger social and emotional intelligence, using it to form solutions for potentially impactful situations, wisely.


How YOU Connect



Women also engage in a style of communication called Cooperative Overlapping. This overlap refers to participants in the conversation speaking at times, simultaneously. With women, this overlap is considered cooperative by the process of it being encouraging, considerate and supportive. The ability to overlap also eases cultural sensitivities, because, in many societies, silence is a hallmark of lack of rapport and respect.


Just this week the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) released figures outlining how adolescent girls, worldwide, were better than boys at working together to solve problems.  As OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria said: “It takes collaboration across a community to develop better skills for better lives.”


All the more reason why women should be at the helm.


Speaking at a recent business leaders meeting, past US President Barak Obama, acknowledged his support for women in leadership roles, stating women “have a better capacity than men, partly because of their socialisation.”


So ladies, sit tight, change is happening. When it does, just remember your innate skills will work to ignite a world filled with pleasure and success, rather than one filled with threats and foreboding.




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